Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mini Chocolate Trifles

Hi Friends,
Summer is always exciting and the best season to entertain family and friends.I love cooking and have been experimenting with different desserts lately.Below is the recipe for a a easy and quick trifle that I promise kids and grown ups will love without doubt.Enjoy!

Prep time- 10 mins
Serves- 20

Whipped cream- 1 big tin
Large chocolate muffins- 6. You can also use brownies instead
Chocolate pudding- 4 cups
Any grated milk chocolate- 2 tblspn

Method of preparation:
Arrange the mini dessert cups in the pattern of your choice.Layer the cups with muffins cut into bit size pieces.
Top it with chocolate pudding.
Add the final layer of whipped cream and top it with grated chocolate.
Yummy and delicious trifles are ready to eat  That was quick, isn't it.

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